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"Wounded Hearts"

Writer, Director,Produced by Bridgett Ladd

Runtime: 15 minutes

Genre: Drama

Logline: A wealthy businessman and a devoted wife's lives will be changed with the death of their spouses and the secrets they leave behind.

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Writer, Director, Produced by Bridgett Ladd

Runtime: 7.41 minutes

Genre: Sci-fi

Logline:  An overworked employee wishing harm to her boss falls into a deep and twisted dream.....or does she?

"Dear Sister"

Writer, Director, Produced by Bridgett Ladd

Runtime: 18 minutes

Genre: Drama

Logline: Estranged sisters Patrice and Trina Morrison are forced to confront their long-standing feud since childhood.

2016 TPN Film Fest Winner for Best Screenplay, Bridgett Ladd is pictured with Cherrie McRae who was Awarded Best Actress in the Short Film, "Wounded Hearts"

*Demo reel available upon request
*Short Film viewing available upon request*

"The Other Man"

Writer, Produced by Bridgett Ladd 

Runtime: 18:18

Release date: July 2018

Genre: Drama

Logline: A beloved daughter will learn it's not all about her feelings when it comes to her Dad and who he chooses to love.

Now available to view on: AMAZON PRIME

"The Interview"

Writer/Director: C. Nathaniel Brown

Producer: Bridgett Ladd & Mona Bennett Johnson

Release Date: December 15, 2018

Runtime: 10min

Genre: drama


Special Delivery Final.jpg

"Protect and Serve"

Director: Bridgett Ladd

Producer: Ariel Driskell

Release date: Sept. 5, 2020

Runtime: 15:00

Genre: Drama

logline: A young activist will not stop the fight for injustice even if her Father is a police officer.


Special Delivery

Written and Directed by: Bridgett Ladd

Release date: November 5, 2019

Runtime: 25:05

Genre: Drama

Logline: A wealthy housewife battles depression with a non-supportive husband. One knock on her door changes everything.

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