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Draft Divas is a writing team of Andria Chappell and Bridgett Ladd, two Atlanta content creators.  During the 2020 pandemic while others were panicking and stocking up on food and toilet paper. We decided to collaborate on writing new film scripts. During the nationwide social distancing and stay at home state orders. We started writing a horror screenplay "Mystery on Hartwell Highway" and biopic "The Robert Boggs story plus a drama thriller "Behind the Mask". We are now pitching our screenplays and submitting to screenplay competitions. We will continue to quarantine and stay safe but will continue to create content. 

Andria Chappell is a self-published author and native of South Georgia. She is a playwright and screenwriter who holds a degree in Social Psychology, Masters in Human Services and an MBA.  Andria's ideal goals are to realize her dreams of writing across various genres and assisting others in putting their dreams on paper, on the stage, and on the screen.  She specializes in stage and screen adaptations.

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